Who says that men and women need to train or eat dif­fer­ently to get lean? The truth is that they DON’T. The bot­tom line is that the best exer­cises for increas­ing the metab­o­lism and stim­u­lat­ing the fat-burning hor­mones are the best exer­cises regard­less of gen­der. The only thing that is going to change is that in gen­eral, the females will require fewer calo­ries, and usu­ally use lighter weights than the men, but the fact remains that the best train­ing and nutri­tion strate­gies apply equally to both genders.

One of the main rea­sons that so many women strug­gle to make progress is that they aren’t train­ing the right way to increase their meta­bolic rate and trig­ger the proper hor­monal response from exer­cise. The major­ity of women spend WAY too much time with monot­o­nous end­less car­dio rou­tines, and tiny lit­tle 3-lb bar­bie weights.  This kind of train­ing will get you NOWHERE!

In the pro­gram, you will be taught how to do this right with­out hav­ing to worry about “bulk­ing up” as it seems that almost all women are afraid of this.

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